Permico’s Texas NGL Project will pipe Natural Gas Liquids (NGL) produced from the Permian, Delaware and Eagle Ford basins to the Corpus Christi area where they will be fractionated into purity products and moved into Texas and international markets via product pipelines and water borne transport.

The Texas NGL Pipeline is being constructed and operated by Permico Midstream Partners LLC. Permico Energia is the founding partner and investor in Permico Midstream Partners. Full details regarding the completion and operations of the Texas NGL Pipeline project will be made available on Permico Midstream Partners’ website as of Q1 2020.


Compañero Pipeline

  • Originates in Permian Basin
  • Terminates at inlet to new El Centro Fractionator
  • 510 mile 24” NGL pipeline
  • Y-grade service
  • 300,000 B/D initial capacity

El Centro Fractionator

  • 300,000 B/D initial capacity
  • Located near Corpus Christi, Texas

Simpatico Product Distribution and Storage System

Mont Belvieu Pipeline

  • Originates tailgate of El Centro Fractionator
  • Terminates in Mont Belvieu
  • Interconnects with Texas Gulf Coast Ethane and Propane Crackers
  • Accesses Markham Storage
  • 230 mile 20” bi-directional pipeline
  • Ethane and Propane service
  • 250,000 B/D capacity

Markham Pipeline

  • Originates tailgate of El Centro Fractionator
  • Terminates at Markham Storage
  • 116 mile 16” bi-directional pipeline
  • Ethane, Propane, y-grade service
  • 175,000 B/D capacity

Markham Storage

  • 4 separate caverns
  • 8 Million Barrels storage